From only $30m2 inc GST

Black Flamed
Grey Flamed
White Flamed
White Polished
Yellow Flamed
Granite Split Black
Granite Split Grey

Price List

Discount available for landscapers, builders and buyers with large quantities  (please call 9878 9689 for more info).

Note: flamed = exfoliated

NameCodeDescriptionPrice m2 inc GST
Juparana GraniteG889631P610x305x10mm, polished$48.00
White GraniteG603631P610x305x10mm, polished$20.00 (special offer)
White GraniteG603841P800x400x10mm, polished$35.00
White GraniteG603632FB600x300x20 mm, flamed & brushed$55.00
White GraniteG603842FB800x400x20 mm, flamed & brushed$60.00
White GraniteG6031052FB1000x500x20 mm, flamed & brushed$68.00
White GraniteG603632/5FBCoping Drop Face 600x300x20/50mm, flamed & brushed$40.00 each
White GraniteG603842/5FBCoping Drop Face 800x400x20/50mm, flamed & brushed$60.00 each
White GraniteG6031052/5FBCoping Drop Face 1000x500x20/50mm, flamed & brushed$80.00 each
White GraniteG60354492FCobble Stone 540x490x20mm flamed on mesh$65.00
Grey GraniteG654631.2FB600x300x12mm, flamed & brushed$65.00
Grey GraniteG654632FB600x300x20mm, flamed & brushed$80.00
Grey GraniteG6541052FB1000x500x20mm, flamed & brused$80.00
Grey GraniteG654842FB800x400x20mm, flamed & brused$80.00
Grey GraniteG65454492FCobble Stone 540x490x20mm flamed on mesh$70.00
Grey GraniteG65454493TCobble Stone 540x490x30mm tumbled on mesh$98.00
Grey GraniteG65454493SCobble Stone 540x490x30mm split on mesh$88.00
Grey GraniteG6543212PPitchers 300x200x120mm, 4 sides sawn & 2 sides split$25 each
Grey GraniteG654632/5FBCoping Drop Face 600x300x20/50mm, flamed & brushed$45.00 each
Grey GraniteG654842/5FBCoping Drop Face 800x400x20/50mm, flamed & brushed$65.00 each
Grey GraniteG654152/5FBCoping Drop Face 1000x500x20/50mm, flamed & brushed$95.00 each
Yellow GraniteG682631.2H600x300x12mm, honed$20.00 (special offer)
Yellow GraniteG682632F800x400x20mm, flamed$50.00
Yellow GraniteG682842F800x400x20mm, flamed$54.00
Yellow GraniteG682632HA600x300x20mm, hammered$53.00
Yellow GraniteG682632/5FCoping Drop Face 600x300x20/50mm, flamed$40.00 each
Yellow GraniteG682842/5FCoping Drop Face 800x400x20/50mm, flamed$65.00 each
Black Granite G6841052/5FCoping Drop Face 1000x500x20/50mm, flamed$100.00 each (special offer)
White GraniteG603PillarGreek Column 2500mm with capital & base, polished$ 500 each (special offer)
Yellow GraniteG682PillarGreek Column 2500mm with capital & base, polished$800 each (special offer)


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