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Bluestone from only $37.00/m2 inc GST

Bluestone Sawn
From $37.00m2
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Bluestone Honed
From $42.80m2
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Bluestone Rounded Edge
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Bluestone Drop Face Coping/Steps
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Bluestone Corner
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Bluestone Drop Face Coping/Steps
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Fashionable in Australia since the early 1800s, bluestone has been applied to many residential and commercial buildings. Due to its hardness, durability, long lasting appearance and easy installation, bluestone can be used as outdoor pavers as well as indoor floors.

  • Melbourne’s widest range of bluestone, over 20000m2 available in stock with delivery time normally within 2 working days using truck with forklift on it.
  • Melbourne’s best quality and lowest prices for bluestone.
  • Surface honed (800 grit) and sawn (400 grit). Profile bullnosed, square-edged and drop-faced.
  • Over 50 sizes for pool coping including drop-faced and corner.

We stock Honed, Sawn, Bullnosed, Square-edged, Drop Face Coping, Corners, Crazy Paving, French Pattern and Stepping Stone. Please see all sizes available in the price list.


Bluestone Price List

Discount available for large quantity (>20m2), all prices include GST

B332S300x300x20mm, sawn $68.00/m2
B442S400x400x20mm, sawn $55.00/m2
B443S400x400x30mm, sawn $72.80/m2
B551S500x500x10mm, sawn $45.80/m2
BL551HLakeview 500x500x10mm, honed $48.00/m2
B552S500x500x20mm sawn $48.00/m2
B552H500x500x20mm, honed $60.00/m2
B553S500x500x30mm, sawn $72.80/m2
B554S500x500x40mm, sawn $88.00/m2
B631S600x300x10mm, sawn $43.80/m2
B631H600x300x10mm, honed $47.80/m2
B631.2H600x300x12mm, honed $51.80/m2
B632S600x300x20mm, sawn $46.0/m2
BM632SMidnight 600x300x20mm, sawn $46.00/m2
BM632HMidnight 600x300x20mm, honed $51.80/m2
B632H600x300x20mm, honed $50.80/m2
B633S600x300x30mm, sawn $69.80/m2
B642S600x400x20mm, sawn $50.50/m2
B662S600x600x20mm, sawn $54.80/m2
B662H600x600x20mm, honed $60.80/m2
B663S600x600x30mm, sawn $75.00/m2
B841S800x400x10mm, sawn $45.80/m2
B842S800x400x20mm, sawn $48.00/m2
BM842SMidnight 800x400x20mm, sawn $48.00/m2
BM842HMidnight 800x400x20mm, honed $60.00/m2
B842H800x400x20mm, honed $60.00/m2
B843S800x400x30mm, sawn $72.80/m2
B1052S1000x500x20mm, sawn $57.00/m2
B1052H1000x500x20mm, honed $70.00/m2
B1053S1000x500x30mm, sawn $98.00/m2
B1262S1200x600x20mm, sawn $88.00/m2
B882S800x800x20mm, sawn $88.00/m2
B2CPCrazy Pavers 20mm, sawn $50.00/m2
BFP2French Pattern 20mm, sawn $65.00/m2
BS5-72Stepping Stone (500-700)x20mm, sawn $40.00 each
BS5-73Stepping Stone (500-700)x30mm, sawn $50.00 each
B54493TCobbles 90x90x30 on mesh 540x490mm, tumbled $88/m2
B553SS500x500x30mm, sawn with square edge $30 each
B553BS500x500x30mm, sawn with bullnose $40 each
B611H600x100x10mm, honed with square edge $6.00 each
B611S600x100x10mm, sawn with square edge $7.00 each
B632SS600x300x20mm, sawn with square edge $15 each
B632BS600x300x20mm, sawn with bullnose $18 each
B633SS600x300x30mm, sawn with square edge $22 each
B633BS600x300x30mm, sawn with bullnose $25 each
B842BS800x400x20, sawn with bullnose $32 each
B842SS800x400x20, sawn with square edge $28 each
B843SS800x400x30mm, sawn with square edge $40 each
B843BS800x400x30mm, sawn with bullnose $45 each
B102SS1000x200x20mm, sawn with square edge $25 each
B10253BH1000x250x30mm, honed with bullnose $42 each
B10253BS1000x250x30mm, sawn with bullnose $38 each
B10253SH1000x250x30mm, honed with square edge $38 each
B10253SS1000x250x30mm, sawn with square edge $34 each
B1033SS1000x300x30mm, sawn with square edge $40 each
B1033BS1000x300x30mm, sawn with bullnose $43 each
B1033BBS1000x300x30mm, sawn with both long edges bullnose $53 each
B1033BH1000x300x30mm, honed with bullnose $48 each
B10403BS1000x400x30mm, sawn with bullnose $55 each
B1053BS1000x500x30mm, sawn with bullnose $65 each
B12152S1200x150x20mm, sawn $25 each
B12152H1200x150x20mm, honed $28 each
BM12142HMidnight 1200x140x20mm, honed $12 each
B12352SS1200x350x20mm, sawn with square edge $50 each
B12352BS1200x350x20mm, sawn with bullnose $55 each
B12352SH1200x350x20mm, honed with square edge $55 each
B12352BH1200x350x20mm, honed with bullnose $60 each
B12333BH1200x330x30mm, honed with bullnose $70 each
B12353SH1200x350x30mm, honed with square edge $70 each
B12353BH1200x350x30mm, honed with bullnose $75 each
B12353SS1200x350x30mm, sawn with square edge $65 each
B12353BS1200x350x30mm, sawn with bullnose $70 each
B12403SS1200x400x30mm, sawn with square edge $70 each
B12403BS1200x400x30mm, sawn with bullnose $80 each
B552/5SDrop Face Coping 500x500x20/50, sawn $55 each
B642/4SDrop Face Coping 600x400x20/40mm, sawn $35 each
B632/5BSDrop Face Coping 600x300x20/50mm, sawn with bullnose $45 each
B632/5SDrop Face Coping 600x300x20/50mm, sawn $35 each
B632/8SDrop Face Coping 600x300x20/80mm, sawn $60 each
B6352/5SDrop Face Coping 600x350x20/50mm, sawn $40 each
B842/5HDrop Face Coping 800x400x20/50mm, honed $75 each
B842/5BSDrop Face Coping 800x400x20/50mm, sawn with bullnose $80 each
B842/5SDrop Face Coping 800x400x20/50mm, sawn $55 each
B842/8SDrop Face Coping 800x400x20/80mm, sawn $80 each
BM842/8HMidnight Drop Face Coping 800x400x20/80mm, honed $95 each
B842/10SDrop Face Coping 800x400x20/100mm, sawn $100 each
B843/6SDrop Face Coping 800x400x30/60mm, sawn $70 each
B1022/6SDrop Face Coping 1000x200x20/60mm, sawn $60 each
B10252/7SDrop Face Coping 1000x250x20/70mm, sawn $75 each
B1032/7SDrop Face Coping 1000x300x20/70mm, sawn $80 each
B10352/5BSDrop Face Coping 1000x350x20/50mm, sawn with bullnose $90 each
B10352/5SDrop Face Coping 1000x350x20/50mm, sawn $70 each
B10352/8HDrop Face Coping 1000x350x20/80mm, honed $110 each
B10352/8SDrop Face Coping 1000x350x20/80mm, sawn $90 each
BM10352/8HMidnight Drop Face Coping 1000x350x20/80mm, honed $115 each
B10352/10SDrop Face Coping 1000x350x20/100mm, sawn $125 each
B10353/6SDrop Face Coping 1000x350x30/60mm, sawn $85 each
B1052/5SDrop Face Coping 1000x500x20/50mm, sawn $95 each
B1052/7SDrop Face Coping 1000x500x20/70mm, sawn $110 each
B1052/8SDrop Face Coping 1000x500x20/80mm, sawn $125 each
B1052/10SDrop Face Coping 1000x500x20/100mm, sawm $145 each
B12352/5SDrop Face Coping 1200x350x20/50mm, sawn $85 each
B12352/8SDrop Face Coping 1200x350x20/80mm, sawn $120 each
B1253/20SDrop Face Coping 1200x500x30/200mm, sawn $388 each
B15352/8SDrop Face Coping 1500x350x20/80mm, sawn $180 each
B18352/8SDrop Face Coping
1800x350x20/80mm, sawn
$250 each
B48482/5ISCorner Drop Face Coping Internal 480x480x20/50mm, sawn
(Matching the size 350x20/50mm)
$120 each
B48483/6ISCorner Drop Face Coping Internal 480x480x30/60mm, sawn
(Matching the size 350x30/60mm)
$150 each
B48482/8ISCorner Drop Face Coping Internal 480x480x20/80mm, sawn
(Matching the size 350x20/80mm)
$160 each
B48482/8ESCorner Drop Face Coping External 480x480x20/80mm, sawn
(Matching the size 350x20/80mm)
$170 each
B55552/5ISCorner Drop Face Coping Internal 550x550x20/50mm, sawn
(Matching the size 400x20/50mm)
$140 each
B70702/5ISCorner Drop Face Coping Internal 700x700x20/50mm, sawn
(Matching the size 500x20/50mm)
$180 each
B70702/7ISCorner Drop Face Coping Internal 700x700x20/70mm, sawn
(Matching the size 500x20/70mm)
$220 each
B70702/8ISCorner Drop Face Coping Internal 700x700x20/80mm, sawn
(Matching the size 500x20/80mm)
$240 each
B70702/8ESB70702/8ES Corner Drop Face Coping External 700x700x20/80mm, sawn
(Matching the size 500x20/80mm)
$280 each


Where are we?

BOCA Tile & Stone located at:
190 Whitehorse Road (Maroondah Highway),
Blackburn 3130

When are we open?

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Weekends & Public Holidays: closed